A-Plus Innovation Technology was founded in April 2018, the company's goal is not only to create high-end brand image in the retail market,It also provides services for industrial and commercial applications. Through this method, we are able to gain very good experience and reputation in the electronic field of industry.

For industrial and commercial service to customers, we aim to provide precision engineering, efficient production, meticulous quality control, accurate operational support, open communication and continuous global logistics and after sales support. The company focuses on module development and product application of wireless charging related products. Our products are wireless charging with power banks, wireless charging stand, portable battery storages, etc., and can also provide customers with competitive wireless charging integration solutions which could shift to into customer products.

A-Plus Innovation Technology OEM / ODM Competitive advantages:
With more 5 to 10 years experience of creative & develop of R&D team. With strict and practical manufacturing and high quality control team members more than 20 years of experience. Improving the efficiency of operating through functional management organizations. All sales are having excellent experience and service.


Customizable product.

ODM Design and manufacture of new products

A-Plus Innovation Technology have a creative and skilled R&D team that provides excellent engineering capabilities.