New generation energy storage power supply

Use multiple power lithium batteries, advanced manufacturing assembly process to ensure product quality and stability.
Built-in transformer built-in way, greatly improving product portability and practicality.
With online UPS instant switching.
With 12V car ignition start function.
The outer casing is made of aluminum alloy, which is stylish and convenient to carry.

Product description

ES-750 backup power supply is a high-end fashion power product for our company,made of aluminum alloy shell material,light and portable、stylish and generous,power lithium battery,advanced manufacturing process,power output is abundant,provide AC output、DC output two different voltage mode outputs,meet the user's electronic product charging,AC power,and the need for electricity in various aspects such as the start of fire in the wild car. This product can be used as a UPS power supply,can also be used as an outdoor emergency power supply.

Product specifications

Model No. ES-750
Battery capacity 12V52.8Ah(586Wh)
Output Power Rated 500W up to 1000W
Input voltage AC: AC110V~220V50/60Hz, Solar wind energy DC 18-36V input, car 12V input, No controller。
Output voltage 220V50Hz /110V60Hz
DC output 12V/4A x4 USB5V/2A x2,1A x2
LED light 18V40W
Car charging 12V input, do not use 24V
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Power failure response time ≤5milliseconds
Overload After overload, the AC output is disconnected, the indicator light is red, the load is disconnected, and the restart is resumed.
Short circuit After short circuit, the AC output is disconnected, the load is disconnected, and the restart is resumed.
lithium battery Can be charged and discharged more than 800 times
Weight Net weight:6.1kg (Packaging:7kg)
Size 32*14*16.7cm
Color Silver white

This product provides two different voltage mode outputs for AC output and DC output,set before leaving the factory, the power is about 25 times that of the 10000mAh mobile power supply.

Built-in multiple power lithium battery, total capacity 12V52.8AH/586Wh Provide a steady stream of electricity,at the same time as an indoor outdoor standby emergency power supply, wide range of uses.

Suitable for a variety of different devices, mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, small printers, various lamps, small fish tank heaters, photographic equipment, electric balance unicycle charging, Medical equipment, etc.

Essential products for home travel, outdoor work, camping picnics, mountain adventures, etc.